Thursday, 6 June 2013

What I'm reading: A sketchbook

A while ago I picked up the cutest little book, Sarah Midda's South Of France - A Sketchbook.  Here are some of my favourite pages to share.

"From Sarah Midda. . .comes a wonderous sketchbook of a year's sojourn in the South of France.  This is a very personal journal, crammed with images, notions and discoveries of the day to day." - from the blurb

Even the end pages are delightfully crammed.

Each page is a treasure, filled with lovely little watercolour images that evoke all the senses, giving a real feel for the South of France

I seriously wish I could keep a sketchbook like this.  So neat and sweet.  Mine always look cobbled together instead of elegantly disheveled.

Such ordinary day to day things take on a new beauty with a wash of watercolour.

I'm gonna try and make a deal with myself to spend actual time on my sketchbook.  Why shouldn't I take a little more care with my thoughts and image gathering.  I get so frustrated when the pages don't turn out like I thought they would in my head.  I think it's because there's a little voice inside me saying I'm wasting my time and I could be doing something productive.  I need to teach the little sucker that taking this time for myself is time well spent, don't you agree?

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