Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bedding lust

In all the hours and hours I've spent trawling the internet for cute products I have never found a bedding collection that quite compares to that on Deny Designs.  If you've never been to their website I urge you to go look now!  Or stay tuned for a few of my favourite picks.  And if it wasn't for my pitiful student funds and the large customs bill I would incur, I would totally be swimming in their products right now.  Feast your eyes on these. . .

Seattle - Anderson Design Group

Mandala Paisley - Belle13

Completely Incomplete - Bianca Green

Elephant 1 - Casey Rogers

Flamingo 1 - Casey Rogers

Giraffe colour  - Casey Rogers

Waves - Gabi

Wipil 3 - Kris Tate

Colour My World - Rosie Brown

Lunchtime - Rose Brown

There's such a variety and it's so nice to see refreshing designs that aren't just different variations of floral.  The other products ain't half bad either.

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