Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Project: ballot box

So I got my hands on a couple of old battered ballot boxes.  They were coated with this awful thick black paint and looked a little bit sad.  Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced my 'before' pictures but I have lots of the finished product.

I got my hands on an electric sander for the first time which was awesome.  I sanded all the gross black paint away and gave it a pale blue paint job.  I actually thought I picked up grey paint but nevermind, I like the result nonetheless.

Then I decoupaged the interior with vintage sheet music.  The yellowy pages are like a hidden detail, I love hidden details.


Then I buffed her up real nice with beeswax.  The effect is great, the paint looks really rough but when you touch it it's totally smooth.

The ballot box is currently up for sale in my etsy shop here.  When I found these boxes I had no idea what to do with them, when was the last time I saw a ballot box anyway?  One solution is for storage, like this one here but I think the other should be something different.  Maybes shelves?  Or a really really decorative box.  Any ideas?

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