Saturday, 1 June 2013

Pin of the day: beach

Its one of those rare days in the north east where it's sunny and hot.  Unfortunately I'm one of those people who likes to admire the sunshine from the shade cause as soon as I step out into that sun I feel like I'm walking into the burning fires of hell.  Aka I'm too pale to really handle it.  But I also have the advantage of living near a lovely, popular beach.  So once it gets a little cooler I'll be venturing down to the beach with a friend to see a band at the amphitheater   And for todays pins I have went for a beachy theme.

Those stripes are fun and summery.  I want to live in those stripes!

Doesn't this just look perfect?

I couldn't resist throwing in a bit of driftwood.  I've just been to a great local shop where they sell a variety of reclaimed and upcycled furniture, and in amongst all the goodies were some truly lovely driftwood bowls and the nicest driftwood table and chairs I've ever seen.  Unfortunately I didn't have the good sense to take my camera with me but trust me when I say they're gorgeous.
I'd love to find a piece of driftwood and incorporate it into an interior like this.  As a rail to hang special clothing on or pictures.

Have you ever typed 'beach' into the search in pinterest?  Some odd pins come up and unsurprisingly a lot of bums.

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