Sunday, 2 June 2013

Pin of the day: books always

I have to say, when I'm scouring pinterest my interest is instantly peaked when I see a room full of books.  I think books are a must accessory in every room, every time, every day.  Can you honestly pick a room in your home that would not be improved by a lovely book cause I really really can't.  I have books coming out of my eyeballs.  I have books I bought and never read.  I have books I never even intend to read.  I even have books I only bought so I could cut them up and turn them into new books.

So to show my commitment, love, desire for books I bring you this lovely bedroom full to bursting with books.

It doesn't hurt that it's a fantastic room anyway.  I particularly love the throw, mirror and sneaky Hundi lamp.  I must blog about my love of throws soon, another item you can't have enough of.

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