Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Pin of the day: Flamingoooos

Lately I've developed quite a taste for exotic/colourful birds.  About a month ago I went on a family day out to this place with a farm and there were all these beautiful birds.  There were loads of tiny little brightly coloured ones and some huge peacocks and the most beautiful bird I've ever seen; a golden pheasant.  He was the daddy!  But my real favourite birds are flamingos.  They're so pretty.  So so pretty.

I've been looking for inspiration to design some homeware products but I was coming up blank.  Like artists block.  And then I thought flamingos!  Who doesn't love a big pink bird.  That doesn't sound rude does it?  I've seen so many owls around the past few years, I even have a little owly friend Olive (she's a cushion) and I'm thinking its time some other birds shared the limelight.  So I'm gonna see my birdy inclined friend this weekend and see if she has any birdy books for me to steal cause sometimes having the real life picture in your hands is better than endlessly browsing the internet.  So hopefully I'll be blogging about my ideas and products soon!  I feel like its taking ages getting started; testing materials and whatnot.  Slow goings make me grumpy.  Gotta keep on guzzling that coffee.

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