Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wet room ideas

So I've been asked to come up with a few ideas for an upcoming wet room renovation.  So obviously my first port of call was pinterest.  I was told; modern and timeless.  And I'm gonna share some of my favourite finds

So the room is basically this size but with a window in the back wall.  I hadn't considered a seat until I saw this image but the big chunky seat looks modern and sort of industrial/rustic.  Gotta love grey too.

This is a great idea for storing towels in a wet room so they don't get wet and its a total space saver.

I have to say I think these mirrored tiles are dreamy.  Teamed with white they add so much light and depth. 

I like this sprinkle effect but I wonder how long until it would look dated? 

White subway tiles are my favourite ever tiles.  Is it ok to have a favourite tiles list?  Who cares.  I love em in white and mint.

Using plastic panels is a great alternative and they're much easier than tiles to install and change with the trends.

I love the pop of colour from these tiles.  Who doesn't love a statement floor?  I tend to prefer neutral/blue colours in bathrooms.  But the question is to go for the more conservative, yet timeless cream tiles or to go for a more modern look with a statement floor?

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