Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Sketchbook Project

I happened across this amazing idea, The Sketchbook Project, when I was perusing (it's a great blog).  Have you heard of it?  Its a fantastic project to get involved in.  They send you a sketchbook, you fill it up, send it back and it goes into the Brooklyn Art Library!  How awesome would it be to know your very own heartfelt sketchbook is in the BROOKLYN ART LIBRARY.

I think its a tremendous idea. . .now if only I could fill up a sketchbook.

While I'm on about sketchbooks I might as well tell you the sad story of my diary today.  Its short and isn't really sad for anyone but me.  The thing you have to know about me is I'm a total stationary addict/freak/hoarder.  I love it.  I love love love it.  My friends and family are aware.  They smile knowingly (if not a bit sympathetically) when I suggest we go look at the stationary cause often I will just stand and stare at it.  
Pine for it. 
 Moon over it.  
Until I'm gently ushered away.  

So getting to the gist of this sad story.  I bought a mid year diary cause I just didn't have my life in order in January and missed my window (who wants a diary for 11 months or less, what a waste).  Its a sweet little thing, all green and ordinary.  And I've been counting down the days until Saturday because that's when June starts and that's when my diary commences.  I've been dying to use it.  So much so I jumped the gun and tried to put in some important dates for next week.  ONLY TO FIND my sweet diary doesn't start till JULY.  Needless to say I'm gutted.  July is so so far away.  I'll have to manage with my wall calendar until then.  Sob.  

The only thing that could console me is my favourite stationary oriented blog  If you have a similar stationary obsession then this is definitely the blog for you.  You can thank me later.

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