Saturday, 25 May 2013

Hello! And welcome to my blog Raining cats and frogs!  This is my first ever blog post on my first ever blog, are you excited?  Cause I know I am, really really gonna burst excited.  I’ll start from the beginning (this will be a quick one promise).  I’ve created a blog with the intention of feeling like I’m doing something productive with my life.  As I’ve just finished uni (like literally JUST handed my final work in this very morn) it’s about time I got my life in order aka get a job you lazy student bum.  And that just fills me with dread because I’m the kind of person that never feels like they’ll be good enough.  I’ll be all ‘hey I’d really like to work here’ and they’d be all ‘no.  No experience. No skills. No’ and the job market is looking ever so BLEAK to me right now.  So I thought hey I like making things and sometimes people even say they like the things I make and there’s this wonderful place called etsy and well. . .you getting it?  So as it happens in this household theres a ton of vintage china, like loads and loads and loads and it’s all real pretty and I’m thinking ‘I’d buy the hell out of that tea set’ cause I like to feel fancy when I’m drinking ma green tea.  So here’s my plan
  • Always loved blogs – set up my very own
  • Always loved vintage homeware – sell some of my very own
  • Always loved making things – make loads of things and mayhaps sell some of those too

So this is the first step on my very simple to do list.  Start a blog.  I love blogs.  They’re so helpful and funny and interesting.  I make no promises that mine will be any of these things but I’ll certainly give it a try.  So yeah.  I conquered the dreaded deadline.  Finished university and came straight home to wash up that china.  I’ve spent all day washing and photographing and I’m only half way through!  This is serious.  So when I finally make it to the end and edit the photos I will in fact be opening an etsy store called, can you guess?  Raining cats and frogs.  ATM I’m stocking up on boxes and bubble wrap and pretty paper and ribbons and all that jazz and I’ll be documenting my business life (and probably the other life stuff) on this very blog. 

SO now I have the super scary first post out of the way here’s a little sneak peak of ze china, photographed by my good friend Pepper Ross (check out her website

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