Sunday, 26 May 2013

Loft Treasures

Today I had the great pleasure of rummaging round in my grans loft.  To me a loft is full of childhood treasures and vintage relics, especially when it’s someone else’s.  It’s the place people throw their rubbish when they can’t be bothered to bin it and I’m a firm believer that one persons trash is anothers treasure.  People are kind of secretive about them too, I think it’s because they just don’t want people to see their hordes of trashy books and Barbies.  I certainly had a lot of fun scavenging around but man was it dusty.  My hands were black with it by the time I was finished but I was happy.  I found these gems.  

This delightful old camera caught my eye immediately.  It sort of rattles which makes me think it may not be in working order but it looks so striking I’m sure I’ll keep it forever and it will be great to use as a prop.

I found all of these old ledger books back from when my grandparents ran clubs.  I don’t understand a word of it besides whisky but I’m ok with that. 

 I have a severe obsession with old books.  They have the best smell and feel and the pages turn a lovely colour with age.  I especially like the ones with illustrations and I found a few today. 

 There are half filled books and blank books that just fill me with ideas.  

I love to turn old books into art and I just couldn't believe my luck when my gran told me they’re just rubbish to her and I could have them.  What a score!


  1. Nice finds! I love that old camera :)

    Agi @ Passion shake

    1. Its a gem isn't it. Totally goes with everything too!