Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mini project: Wall art

After decorating my bedroom I never really got round to putting any pictures up.  The walls were so bare and lonely looking that I just had to do something.  So I decided to do a bit of DIY wall art.

Its super easy but does take a bit of time.  Here's what I used. . .

I forgot to add the sharpie!

  1. I found the poem I wanted to use; Invictus by William Ernest Henley and picked a nice font, increased the text size and printed it out.  It spread over 4 pages.  
  2. I then used carbon paper, which you can find at most fabric/haberdashery stores, and blu tacked it to the area of wall that I wanted to apply the poem.  I reused the carbon paper for each page of the poem.  
  3. Carefully lining the poem up so it would be straight, I blue tacked that over the carbon paper and started to trace it with a mechanical pencil but you could also use a ball point pen or anything with a point.  The carbon paper transferred the poem to the wall and when that was finished I removed the paper and went over the whole thing in a fine tipped sharpie.  
This was a bit time consuming but was relatively cheap since I had all the equipment already.  I really love the rough effect of the text.  I finished off by printing out some images onto pages of old books and washi taped them to the wall.  Now the wall is no longer bare and I've spent nothing for a really personal piece of art.

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