Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Kitchen revamp ideas

Once again I have been asked to come up with a room revamp idea.  This time it's my brothers kitchen that needs an update.  Currently there's a lot of dark brown and tons of cupboards.  Its a bit dated to say the least with a very odd fake wooden beam going straight through the middle. . .I dunno.
Soooo first I thought of my brother and his style and lifestyle.  He's the kinda guy who likes a lot of plants hanging round.  There's always a lot of cuppas going down in his kitchen and I guess he's a little boho although he'd kill me for saying it.  So when I think of how his kitchen should be I instantly think of Scandinavian style interiors and it is so easy to update a kitchen (cheaply might I add) in this style.  It's perfect.
Now this kitchen is fabulous.  It is so simple and I love love love subway tiles.  The dark/light contrast will always look modern too.  For my brothers kitchen I'm thinking this colour scheme, dark cabinets on the bottom and white shelves on the top.
He already has cabinets on the top so all we have to do it remove the doors and paint them so he has lovely open shelving.  I'm going to make him some personalised crockery to show off in these cupboards.
I think the walls should be a pale grey like in the above image.  It will tie in nicely with the monotone colour scheme and it goes really well with the greenery in this image.  My brother needs lots and lots of plants his new kitchen.
Although if you were looking for a bit of warmth, a tan colour could also do nicely.
And with a large kitchen I think a wall of shelves is a nice feature to display books, plants, crockery etc.
But if you need a little colour in your life why not consider a dash of neon like this shelf, half hidden but so so cute.
Hopefully I'll able to snag some before and after shots to share!

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