Wednesday, 12 February 2014

CitizenM hotel London

Wandering around Borough last night looking for a place to eat, me and the boy did a lot of house spotting, stumbled across a fire house museum, a surprising amount of architects studios and only got slightly rained on.  Our curiosity got the better of us when we passed several giant windows with a totally tempting lobby lurking behind.  So that is where we had dinner, CitizenM hotel.
The huge open plan lobby has a help yourself food station with pastries galore, and a swanky London hotel wouldn't be complete without a selection of pretentious bottled water.
The lobby seemed endless and had a typical red and blue colour scheme going on.  It was split into several seating areas.  One which was thoughtfully lit for work away from home.  Another had the above floating light feature.  My favourite was the snuggly fire side relaxation space, pictured below. 
Check out that pretty tripod floor lamp.
The stairs were the biggest feature.  I couldn't take my eyes off them.  I just love a feature staircase.
Everywhere we looked there were books books books, which is my kinda place.  I'm sure I spotted the entire classic penguin collection.  Most of which was on bookshelves too high for practical use but they made wonderful decorative features. 
CitizenM Hotel was designed by Concrete Architectural Associates.  Although I wouldn't quite recommend the lobby food I would recommend a casual drink and the opportunity to bask in this interestingly modern designed space.

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