Saturday, 22 February 2014

Floral spring

This morning I woke up early to a beautiful spring day.  Blue skies, crisp air, dew on the ground and a few sneaking daffodils.  It's a lovely change from the last two months of solid rain.  And it got me thinking of spring trends.  Every year you can pretty much guarantee there will be plenty of floral prints and fabrics but this year I think we'll see a change in the way we bring floral themes into our homes, through bigger and brighter flower displays and garlands.
I have been admiring these floral arrangements online and the gorgeous displays on the spring catwalks.  I've found a good range of DIY tutorials for making your very own flower garland and right now I think spending a spring afternoon on the lawn sculpting a floral display would be the perfect day.
I can see these bright colours working wonderfully in a neutral decorated space, against a feature colour wall or even clashing against floral wallpaper.  The bigger and more vibrant the better. You can use fake flowers (wax or silk) to make an arrangement that lasts or real flowers to change up your style more often.
For a more cost effective and toned down approach grab a mixed bunch and try creating a simpler garland like the one pictured above.  All you'll need is flowers, string and glue to bring some of that springtime joy inside.
And don't forget the outside of your home.  I'm sure if you have a little rummage in your shed you can find some old items to spruce up with flowers.  An old bike perhaps, wellies?  There's nothing in your home that flowers can't make prettier.

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