Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Etsy finds: for the home

I've been spending a lot of time on Etsy lately, basically marveling at how creative and imaginative people can be.  There is so much on there it literally takes hours and hours out of my day when I get 'lost' on the site.  So I fancied writing a blog post about my favourite finds from today.  I could spend all day sharing the things I like and still have more.  So I'm gonna restrict myself to three sellers that caught my eye.

The first is the shop ObviousState which sells literary artworks, cards, posters etc.  Anything that combines books and art is gonna grab my attention and these illustrations are fascinating.  I haven't seen a single one I don't want to own.  Click the images for the links.

Write drunk; edit sober.  So simple and funny.


I don't need another notebook. . .or do I?  I know I want this one.  So so badly.

Next up is Oh, Albatross, a lovely mix of homeware and toys.  I really love the styling of the photographs.  The grey background is perfect and the styling simple; they really stand out from the crowd.

Something about this reclaimed paperweight really appeals to me.  It's rustic and chunky and I totally don't need a paperweight but I want this in my life.

I'm still loving the copper accessory trend, especially in minimalistic surroundings.

And last but not least is Dprintsclayful which sells an array of ceramic items from teapots to personalized hand prints.

I think I'm becoming a tad obsessed with teapots and these are beautiful.  The lace detail makes me think of Alice in Wonderland.  Can't you imagine this blue teapot at the Mad Hatters tea party?

They are so delicate looking.  I really love the cream and white versions because they are so classy and understated.

I'm always looking out for new shops to explore so if you have any you'd like to share don't be shy!

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