Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Etsy finds: armchairs

So this week I've been feeling the heat as in 'oh god when will summer be over so I can just wear black and not feel like I'm melting into a big puddle of grossness' that pretty much sums it up actually.  But one thing I will miss about summer when it is finally over is all the fabulous bright prints and fun colours that hang around.  I love autumn and the lovely colour palette that goes with it but summer colours are so much fun.  Luckily it is not yet widely acceptable to redecorate your home to fit with the seasons (other than the obvious holiday decorations duh) so we can have summer brightness in our homes all year round.  And if you're looking for such a thing I have the answer!  It comes in the name of Namedesignstudio and in the form of fabulous furniture.  Get a load of these guys. . .

The actual studio is in Istanbul, Turkey and the items are handmade by Jo Supara and Ali Tarakci.  These chairs are just stunning aren't they.  My favourite is the one at the top, the Patchwork armchair with Suzani and dark purple velvet fabrics.  Its so mysterious and moody.  What's your favourite?

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  1. Does chairs are beautiful..... love flower prints!! I would love to have one of them for my apartment <3